Wayne Tercell
Occupation: File Clerk for 4th Floor Archives at the Mayor's Office
Series Information
First Appearance: Johnny and Dora
No. of Episodes: 1
Portrayed by: Billy Merritt
Wayne Tercell is the file clerk for the fourth floor archives of the mayor's office. He has an interest in birdwatching. Wayne appears in Johnny and Dora.

Throughout the Series Edit

In Johnny and Dora, Terry and Gina are tasked with sneaking into the archives at the mayors office in order to retrieve an incriminating file about Madeline Wuntch. Through her sources in the assistant community, Gina learns that the file is located on the fourth floor. Their only obstacle is desk clerk, Wayne Tercell.

Gina also learns that Wayne is very interested in birdwatching, so she plans to distract him with talk of birds while Terry creeps past to grab the file.

While Wayne rambles on about different types of waterfowl, Terry is having trouble opening a file cabinet and eventually just carries the whole cabinet right past Gina and Wayne undetected.

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