Hey Guys x

I'm Alexia Francesconi, avid writer and TV enthusiast (I say that, I mean addict ). My five TOP SHOWS - if any - would be: • 5th Place - That 70's Show • 4th Place - The Inbetweeners • 3rd Place - The Mindy Project • 2nd Place - The Big Bang Theory AND ABSOLUTLY 1st Place - Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

So I joined Wikia today although I've sort off 'watched it on the side-lines' if you will for some time. Now, though, the time has come for me to do something actually worthwhile on this site and so I created an account and here I am. I'd love to help in anything to do with TV Shows, Starbucks (fav drink shop 😉) or tech (which is another personal hobby - or (again) obsession).

I hope to give Wikia the best I have to offer getting support and friendship (as well as creating and editing fully fledged flipping awesome Wikias in the process).

Thanks for reading and I'll try and post again - as soon as possible!

Alexia F :)

TheYetiFromBrooklyn (talk) 12:45, January 10, 2015 (UTC)