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    Adopting the Wiki

    June 20, 2015 by Janieretlaw

    Hi everyone,

    Due to lack of admin activity, this wiki is eligable for adoption. Since I've been pretty active recently, I'd like to give the bureaucratic position a shot. If there's any reason you think that you or someone else would be better for the position, let me know, and we can discuss other options. If I'm given the position, I would also be happy to grant admin access to any active users who have completed at least a solid weeks worth of major edits.  

    I'd like to give the wiki a complete face lift, including: deleting incorrect pages and categories,  updating the template with a more reader friendly design, and adding achievement badges as user editing incentive. If there are any other features you'd like to see, or flaws you think…

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  • Janieretlaw

    Hey guy!

    We're currently 9 pages away from reaching 100 pages on this wiki! If you'd like to contribute, here are some pages we need:

    • Pontiac Bandit Doug Judy (character - Pontiac Bandit )
    • Dr. Rossi (character - medical examiner in M.E. Time )
    • Dave Majors (character - Det. Dave Majors )
    • Sophia Perez (character - Jake's girlfriend Jake and Sophia )
    • Super Dan (character - cape wearing vigilante in Full Boyle )
    • Adam Sandler (character - played by himself in Operation: Broken Feather )
    • Joe Theismann (character - played by himself in Operation: Broken Feather )
    • Savant (character - hacker turned IT manager in Payback )
    • Jenny Gildenhorn (character - Jake's childhood crush, Boyle-Linetti Wedding )
    • Eric 'Fingers' Martin (character - pickpocket in Halloween II…
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