Several episodes contain a running gag involving Terry Jeffords' love for yogurt.

Season One Edit

The Tagger Edit

  • As Deputy Commissioner Podolski leaves the precinct he dumps Jake's police report in Terry's trashcan. Terry can be seen eating yogurt at his desk.
  • Jake later hands his report to Holt, who remarks that it is covered in yogurt. Jake informs Holt that it was dumped into Terry's trashcan and Holt knowingly says "Terry loves yogurt."

The Ebony Falcon Edit

  • While Jake tries to convince Terry to join him on a case, Terry reveals that his only indulgence now that he's a married father is fresh fruit yogurt parfaits. Jake replies, "Terry loves yogurt."

Thanksgiving Edit

  • When he realizes that the fridge door has been left open, Terry rushes to salvage his food. As he hands everything for Charles to hold, Charles remarks "Oh, that's a lot of yogurt!" To which Terry replies, "I love yogurt."

Season Two Edit

Payback Edit

  • The detectives of the Nine-Nine correctly guess that Terry's computer password is "yogurt." Charles, having been the one to suggest it, states, "Terry loves yogurt."

The Defense Rests Edit

  • In the cold open when everyone is panicking about ants, Terry remarks, "They're in my yogurt. Now it's personal."

Det. Dave Majors Edit

  • To convince Terry to stay at the Nine-Nine, Charles presents him with homemade honey and lavender yogurt, to which Terry replies, "Terry loves lavender."

Season Three Edit

The Funeral Edit

  • At Shaw's Bar, Terry is venting to Holt. He mentions his wife, kids, and also his favorite mango yogurt being discontinued. While complaining to Holt about Pembroke, he mentions the yogurt again. Holt points it out and Terry says, "'Cause it's important!"
  • After Jake finishes his toast, Terry goes up to the mic and says his toast will primarily be about the mango yogurt. People in the crowd groan, Terry then says, "Don't boo me! I lost something important, too."

Season Four Edit

Coral Palms Pt. 2 Edit

  • Everyone starts getting what they want while Jason Stentley is their captain. Amy finds out that Terry asked for something as well. He reveals that he asked for a yogurt fridge beside his desk. Amy walks away after she says, "Enjoy your blood yogurt" and Terry replies with, "I will".
  • Terry walks over to Amy while she scolds Gina about Stently's leadership tactics. Trying to calm Amy down, he offers her yogurt.