Teddy Wells
Occupation: Detective at 82nd Precinct
Relationships Amy Santiago
Series Information
First Appearance: Tactical Village
Last Appearance: The Audit
No. of Episodes: 3
Portrayed by: Kyle Bornheimer

Detective Teddy Wells is a male detective from the 82nd Precinct. He first appears in Tactical Village, and is revealed to be an old acquaintance of Amy Santiago. He can also be seen in Unsolvable and The Road Trip.


Amy and Teddy met at a voluntary training course to brush up on police codes. The two bonded while studying, and went out on a couple of dates. The relationship ended when Teddy was stationed in Queens.

He and his team scored a perfect run in the Tactical Village weapons training course. They set the record of 18 mins and 41 seconds. Their record was then, beaten by the Nine-Nine squad, who scored 18 mins and 28 seconds. (Nine-Nine!)

Teddy and Amy soon rekindle their relationship, dating exclusively for over six months.

In The Road Trip, Jake Peralta invites him on a trip upstate, wanting to surprise Santiago. He ends up making things awkward as Santiago had planned to break up with Teddy, mainly because of his obsession with pilsners, a type of pale lager. Teddy suspects the breakup also might have been related to Jake confessing his feelings for Amy on several occasions.

Running Gags Edit

Pilsners Edit

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When Amy was dating Teddy, his love of pilsners was a running gag throughout the series. It is eventually a large part of the reason Amy broke up with him.

Gallery Edit

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