Shaw's Bar
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Shaw's Bar is a basement bar frequented by the squad of The 99th Precinct. The primary bartender at the Shaw's is Hank.


Season OneEdit

M.E. Time

  • Jake, Rosa and Charles head to Shaw's to celebrate Charles exellent work as the primary.

The Vulture

  • The detectives head to Shaw's to think of a revenge plan for the Vulture.(08:21) (11:07)

Old School

  • Jake has a wild night of drinking with Jimmy Brogan at Shaw's. (06:50) (8:21)


  • After the Thanksgiving dinner at Amy's is a disaster, the squad heads to Shaw's. Unfortunately they are kicked out before they can get anything to eat. (14:22)

The Bet

  • The squad heads to Shaw's to celebrate Charles earning a medal. Jake and Amy, on their forced date, stop by before being assigned to a stakeout elsewhere.

Tactical Village

  • The squad celebrates breaking the training course record at Shaw's.

Fancy Brudgom

  • At Shaw's, Charles hides a bowtie in Jake's drink when asking him to be his best man.


  • The squad heads to Shaw's to celebrate Jake solving the unsolvable case. (18:52)

Charges and Specs

  • After Jake leaves the Nine-Nine to go undercover, Terry, Charles, Rosa and Gina head to Shaw's for a drink. (19:13)

Season TwoEdit


The Jimmy Jab Games

Halloween II

The Mole

The Pontiac Bandit Returns

Beach House

Defense Rests

Captain Peralta

Season ThreeEdit

The Funeral

Halloween III

  • The episode ends with a Halloween party at the bar.

The Swedes

  • The episode ends with Jake and Rosa saying goodbye to Soren and Agneta at the bar, along with Charles and Captain Holt speaking to Kevin who is in Paris over a tablet device.


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