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Sam Boyle
Relatives Charles Boyle (Cousin)
Lynn Boyle (Uncle)
Darlene Linetti (Step Aunt)
Gina Linetti (Step Cousin)
Series Information
First Appearance: Skyfire Cycle
No. of Episodes: 1
Portrayed by: Christopher Gehrman
Sam Boyle is Charles' cousin who, with the upcoming Boyle family vacation, agrees with Gina that it should be in Aruba instead.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season Four Edit

In Skyfire Cycle, he greets Charles in the breakroom and is revealed that he already met Gina and he agrees with her that the vacation should be in Aruba instead of Iowa. After Gina and Charles' argument, he is conflicted on whether to stay with Charles or follow Gina.

He seems to lead the council since he told Gina and Charles about the council's plans and adjourned the meeting.

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