Rosa Diaz and Marcus first meet when Marcus comes in to see his uncle, Captain Holt. They are instantly attracted to each other and begin a relationship. They break up in Into the Woods although Rosa still had feelings for him.


Season 2Edit


  • Rosa and Marcus meet and Rosa says goodbye (Which Gina says is the equivalent of her going and jamming her tongue down his throat)
  • Marcus asks if Rosa is single via Holt.
  • Rosa says that Marcus has to ask for her number personally if he wants it.
  • Rosa and Marcus sleep together and Rosa awkwardly walks in whilst Kevin and Raymond are eating.
  • Rosa breaks things off with Marcus.
  • Holt tells Rosa that it is okay if she wants to be with Marcus and they begin a relationship.

Beach HouseEdit

  • Marcus gets Rosa a phone charger and kisses her goodbye.
  • Marcus and Rosa text romatically.

Boyle-Linetti WeddingEdit

  • Rosa doesn't invite Marcus to the wedding.
  • Rosa realises she is being a coward and invites Marcus.
  • Rosa and Marcus kiss and say they love each other.


  • Rosa and Marcus have dinner with Captain Holt and Kevin. Marcus is at ease but Rose feels uneasy.
  • Rosa reveals she might be pregnant with Marcus's baby but it is a false alarm.

Johnny and DoraEdit

  • Marcus rents out an entire bar for Rosa's birthday, so they can spend it together.
  • Marcus is the sole attender at Rosa's birthday party which she likes.

Season 3Edit

Into the WoodsEdit

  • Rosa decides to break up with Marcus as he is very emotional.
  • Rosa breaks up with Marcus and Marcus gets upset.
  • Rosa admits that she still cares for Marcus but he wanted to get married and she didn't.
  • Rosa wonders if she has messed up her one chance at love and cries.


‘I love u’


  • Marcus is Rosa's first on screen love interest (She mentions having a boyfriend prior to their meeting).