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Rosa-Adrian Relationship
Adrian and Rosa
Relationship: Police Colleagues


First Kiss: Cheddar
Key Episodes
Season Three: Adrian Pimento


Rosa Diaz and Adrian Pimento are detectives at the 99th precinct. They have a very passionate relationship that often makes those around them feel uncomfortable. The two begin a romantic relationship in Cheddar and get engaged shortly after in Paranoia. Their relationship is currently on hold due to a threat to Adrian's life.


Season 3Edit

Adrian Pimento

  • Adrian and Rosa meet for the first time.
  • Rosa admits that she is attracted to Adrian as she says that she is only attracted to creeps.
  • Rosa says that she's sure she will sleep with Adrian. Jake tells her she doesn't have to but she assures him that she will.
  • Rosa helps Jake follow Adrian as they believe he is suspicious.


  • Adrian and Rosa flirt by blowing ink to dry which makes everybody feel uncomfortable.
  • Adrian and Rosa are assigned to put posters up for Cheddar along with Terry.
  • Adrian staples the poster to the lamppost before Rosa can.
  • Rosa suggests that they start a relationship.
Adrian and Rosa Cheddar

Adrian and Rosa in Cheddar

  • Adrian gets scared by this and runs away, angering Rosa.
  • Adrian proposes to Rosa but she rejects him.
  • Adrian and Rosa agree to go for a drink and then passionately kiss on a car.


  • Adrian proposes to Rosa.
  • Rosa reveals that Terry is worried about her fast moving relationship with Adrian.
  • Adrian and Rosa have their bachelor and bachelorette parties.
  • Adrian gets a threat to his life and is forced to leave.
  • Jake convinces Adrian to say goodbye to Rosa.
  • Rosa and Adrian kiss goodbye as he leaves.

Maximum Security

  • Rosa helps plan a fake funeral for Adrian.
  • Rosa makes a sad speech at Adrian's fake funeral.

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