Roger Peralta
Occupation: Pilot
Relatives Jake Peralta (Son)
Three Daughters
Several Sons
Relationships Unamed Ex-Girlfriend

Karen Peralta (Ex-wife) (current girlfriend)

Series Information
First Mentioned: Sal's Pizza
First Appearance: Captain Peralta
No. of Episodes: 3
Portrayed by: Bradley Whitford

Roger Peralta is Jake Peralta's father. He walked out on the family when Jake was seven and has since reappeared infrequently in Jake's life.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season TwoEdit

In Captain Peralta, Jake's dad gets in touch with Jake much to his excitement. Roger takes Jake out to dinner and it is revealed that he only got in contact as he is being accused of drug possession. Jake, Charles and Scully fly to Quebec to find out who framed Roger. However Roger is arrested upon arrival as they find drugs in his apartment. Jake realises that Roger's girlfriend and mistress both had access to his apartment so they could have framed him. Roger is found innocent but doesn't turn up at the celebration party that Jake had planned for him. Jake goes and confronts him and tells Roger that he doesn't want to see him again.

Season ThreeEdit

In Karen Peralta, When Jake and Amy visit Karen Peralta. Roger arrives and Karen announces that they are seeing each other again. Jake tries to break them up but later sees that Roger genuinely cares about Karen and agrees to let them be.


Roger is shown to be untrustworthy and often uncaring towards other people's feelings such as cheating on his partners and not being considerate about Jake. However, Karen claims that he does have a more sensitive side as he cared for her and brought her soup when she was sick.


Jake PeraltaEdit

Jake is shown to be very distrustful of his father and he is unwilling to accept his father back into his life after numerous betrayals. Jake tells Charles that it's not blood that matters, as Roger has never been there for him and he doesn't view Roger as his father figure, instead seeking a father figure in Holt.

Karen PeraltaEdit

Roger and Karen broke up because he left them and also due to the numerous times he cheated including with her best friend. Despite this Karen is willing to look past it and the two start dating again later in life. Karen tells Jake that Roger really cares about her now such as when he flew in on his day off and brought her soup when she had bronchitis. [1]


  • He coached Jake's little league baseball team.[2]
  • Flies internationally from Albany to Quebec for Tribute Airlines.
  • In Hostage Situation, he appears as a potential sperm donor for Charles and Genevieve.
  • He said he’s had sex with about 400 women

References Edit

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