Rebecca Lubbock
Nickname(s): Ava Watson
Occupation: Drug dealer
Series Information
First Appearance: The Mole
No. of Episodes: 1
Portrayed by: Jasmin Savoy Brown

Rebecca Lubbock is a woman whom Terry Jeffords meets at a silent disco with Rosa while they are out searching for drug activity as part of her "giggle pig" task force, believed to be named "Ava Watson."

Terry first meets her while undercover as a water vendor, he instantly comes to respect her as she went to The Learning Grove, the same pre-school his daughters Cagney and Lacey are attending and that she doesn't drink or do drugs.

Later, as they disco wears on, Terry get directed to her as a dealer of "giggle pig" and is taken into custody. While there, she backs up her claim that she doesn't drink or do drugs because she needs a clear head to deal with the mathematics of dealing drugs.

Terry later faxes The Learning Grove a picture of her and they identify her as Rebecca Lubbock. Terry then proceeds to look up her phone records to find a possible supplier.

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