Dr. Nancy Sussman
Occupation: Principal at Brooklyn Park Magnet School
Series Information
First Appearance: The Chopper
No. of Episodes: 1
Portrayed by: Mo Gaffney

Dr. Nancy Sussman is the principal at the Brooklyn Park Magnet School. During The Chopper, she brings a group of children to The 99th Precinct on a field trip.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season TwoEdit

In The Chopper, Sussman brings her students to the Nine-Nine on a field trip organized by Terry Jeffords. Terry is hoping to impress Sussman so that she'll consider accepting his twin daughters into their private school. At first, Sussman is impressed by Terry's stories of his daughter's skills. She also takes a liking to Amy, a magnet school alumna. However, when Terry goes to speak with her in private, he leaves Amy and Rosa in charge of the children. Amy claims to be terrible with kids, so eventually they are discovered by Sussman and Terry showing the children graphic crime scene photos. Sussman is appalled and removes the children from the building. In a last attempt to salvage Terry's networking efforts, the detectives prove to Sussman that the children learned a lot about crime scenes under their supervision. It is also revealed that Gina has mended a friendship between two of the students, which greatly impress the school administrator. Terry later notifies the squad that his daughters were accepted into the school.

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