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NYPD Employees

Commanding Officers Edit

Deputy Commissioner Podolski Edit

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Chief Davis Garmin Edit

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Deputy Chief Gerber Edit

Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch Edit

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Captain Ray Holt Edit

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Captain McGintley Edit

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Captain Seth Dozerman Edit

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The 99th Precinct - 4th Floor Bullpen EmployeesEdit

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Sergeant Terry JeffordsEdit

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Detective Jake PeraltaEdit

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Detective Amy SantiagoEdit

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Detective Rosa DiazEdit

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Detective Charles BoyleEdit

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Detective Michael HitchcockEdit

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Detective Norm ScullyEdit

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Gina LinettiEdit

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Gina Linetti is the office administrative assistant and personal assistant to Captain Holt at the Nine-Nine. She is a civilian, not an officer of the NYPD. Gina is generally apathetic towards her job and is often seen on her phone during the work day.


Detective Daniels at morning briefing

Detective Daniels Edit

In the pilot episode, Detective Daniels is described as being just as incompetent as Hitchcock and Scully. However, she is praised (alongside Hitchcock and Scully) for her ability to make coffee.

She can be seen at the detectives' morning briefing and when Terry begins introducing his squad to Holt.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 5.12.53 PM

Sidney Brown & Casey Cook's nameplates

Detective Sidney Brown Edit

The desk opposite Boyle has a name plate with Det. Sidney Brown written on it [1].

Detective Casey Cook Edit

A desk near Rosa has a name plate with Det. Casey Cook written on it [1].

Weekend Crew Edit

Detective Lohank Edit

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Kerns with Boyle's desk gift in The Apartment

Detective Kearns Edit

Kearns is Boyle's weekend deskmate. They have a good rapport and are known to leave each other presents at their shared desk.

Other Officers Edit

Dr. Rossi Edit

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Dr. Rossi is a medical examiner at the Nine-Nine. She and Jake have a brief relationship during M.E. Time.

Officer Deetmore Edit


Officer Deetmore

Deetmore is a patrol officer at the Nine-Nine. In Fancy Brudgom, Rosa mentions that he assisted her at a recent crime scene. However, when reviewing the evidence that he bagged, Rosa discovers that he mislabeled the weapons recovered and almost filed the items with the wrong case. She attends the patrol officer's morning briefing and embarrasses Deetmore by giving him a "junior police officer kit" in front of his colleagues. Deetmore files an official complaint against Rosa and Holt orders her to apologize. Rosa eventually apologizes and offers to show him the proper way to file evidence.

Deetmore's badge number is 7529. He is portrayed by actor, Kevin Bigley.


Desk Sergeant Hank during The Jimmy Jab Games

Desk Sergeant Hank Edit

While competing in The Jimmy Jab Games, Rosa tries to have a conversation with Hank without being recognized. Unfortunately, she finds his use of the word "sweetheart" offensive and her true identity is quickly revealed.

Butt-Face Dave Edit

David is a cop that works on a floor below the detectives at the 99th precinct. In the episode Beach House, it is mentioned that Dave has recently shaved off his facial hair, revealing a clean-shaven face that resembled a butt.

Captain Holt remarks that Dave is good at his job.


Officer Lou notices Bludsoe is missing

Officer Lou Edit

During The Chopper, Lou is one of the officers in charge of guarding Reggie Bludsoe while he is being treated at the hospital. When Jake calls Lou to confirm that Bludsoe is still in custody, Lou informs him that Bludsoe is missing from his hospital bed.

Major Crimes Unit Edit


The Vulture

Detective Pembroke aka The Vulture Edit

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Detective Pembroke works for the Major Crimes division of the NYPD. There is tension between him and the detectives of the Nine-Nine, as Pembroke seems to repeatedly steal cases from them, often when they are already close to being solved. For this reason, he is nicknamed The Vulture by the Nine-Nine. He is appointed Captain of the precinct after Holt's replacement Seth Dozerman dies but later gets removed from the position after Jake Peralta bribes Chief Garmin into reinstating Holt

Other Precincts Edit


Majors working a case with Jake and Amy

Detective Dave Majors Edit

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Detective Dave Majors is a member of the fictional 93rd Precinct. He is believed by Jake to be the best detective in the NYPD. Both Jake and Amy look up to him and jump at the chance to join him on a case.

Teddy in tactical gear.

Detective Teddy Wells Edit

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Teddy is a member of the fictional 82nd Precinct of the NYPD. He previously met Amy during a voluntary code training seminar, and reconnects with the detective during Tactical Village. Amy and Teddy develop a relationship but it eventually fizzles.

Teddy appears to be a competent detective. He and his precinct complete the tactical training course in record time, though that record is immediately broken again by the Nine-Nine.

Other Staff Edit

Ronald Edit

Ronald is the night janitor at the 99th precinct. In 48 Hours it is mentioned that he steals hand sanitizer from employees desks to drink while on the job.

Marge Bronigan Edit

Marge is a janitor at the 99th Precinct that is very scary and most of the 99th precinct are afraid of her. She refuses to clean up big messes but won't let the others do it themselves. She is shown to be upset that they call her "Mean Marge" but forgives them when they name the break room after her.

Corey Park Edit

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Corey Park, or Savant as he prefers to be called, is the IT Director of the 99th precinct. He was hired after he hacked the precinct. They turned their greatest weakness into their greatest strength, as Gina puts it.

Al Edit

Al is a janitor at the 99th precinct. He is only mentioned in Halloween III

References Edit

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