Series Information
First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: Operation: Broken Feather
No. of Episodes: 2
Portrayed by: Fred Armisen
Mlepclaynos (the clay is silent) is a reoccurring character, twice encountered by Jake and Amy when they are assigned door duty.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season One Edit

In the Pilot, Mlepnos is seen opening the door to apartment 3C in a building where Jake and Amy are investigating a murder. When shown a picture of the victim, Mlepnos takes the photo, thanks the detectives, and closes his door before they can finish their questioning.

In Operation: Broken Feather, he is seen answering the door to a room at the Prentiss Hotel where Jake and Amy are investigating a string of hotel robberies. Both detectives are visibly annoyed to encounter him again. While questioning Mlepnos, Jake notices music coming from inside the room and soon joins the potential witness in singing and dancing to a song from his home country of Leirkrakeegovnia.

Excerpt from Leirkrakeegovnian celebration song about a dog losing its virginity:

Meil on fun
Me teeme asju
mis on ponev
Olemme sobrad kasu

The actual language of the song is Estonian, and (Google) translated, the lyrics say 'we have fun, we do fun things, we are friends [with] benefits'.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Pilot, he mentions his name has a silent "clay" in it, spelling it as M-L-E-P-Clay
  • In the credits for Operation: Broken Feather, his name is spelled as "Melpnos"