Occupation: Bartender at The Keychain
Series Information
First Appearance: Det. Dave Majors
No. of Episodes: 1
Portrayed by: Gabe Delahaye
Milo is the bartender at The Keychain, a private speak easy bar frequented by Dave Majors. It's likely that his real name is not Milo, as Steve informed Jake that the bartenders change their name every night. Milo appears in Det. Dave Majors.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season Two Edit

In Det. Dave Majors, as Dave Majors and Jake take a seat at the bar of The Keychain, Dave informs Jake that he doesn't need to order a drink. Milo, the bartender, will fix him a drink he's guaranteed to like.

Milo makes Jake a Barrel Proof bourbon, neat with an orange soda chaser.

On a later date, Jake tries to get into the exclusive bar again and states that the bartender, Milo, is a friend. Jake then learns that the bartenders at The Keychain change their name every night.

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