Detective Michael Hitchcock is an older male detective at Precinct 99. His partner is Scully, who is equally lazy.


Hitchcock has been partners with Det. Scully for almost thirty years.[2] At Captain Holt's party, they were confused for being romantic partners who work together.

It's shown how bad Scully and Hitchcock are at their jobs ,during The Apartment, where it's revealed that in a year, they had made fourteen arrests between them. Captain Holt wasn't happy with that number, but Terry points out that it's 'six more than last year'. In comparison, Jake alone made seventy-eight arrests. Despite this, they're kept around. Hitchcock has a tattoo with himself with a gun in his mouth, which he got after finding out that he used to have the most arrests in the Nine-Nine.

Running Gag

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Hitchcock's initial reaction to any situation seems to be to take off his shirt. It has become a recurring situation on the show. Hitchcock is seen repeatedly to be somewhat perverted.


"Get woke, Scully!"

"I have an STD"

Behind the Scenes


  • Hitchcock has a tattoo of himself with a gun in his mouth, on his right bicep.
  • Hitchcock is lactose intolerant, as revealed in Boyle's Hunch.



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