Marvin Miller was an elderly bank robber Charles Boyle arrests in The Wednesday Incident. He robbed six banks in three weeks, walking away with $250,000. While being questioned by Charles, at the precinct, Marvin dies of natural causes.

Personality Edit

Whenever he is in the presence of Amy and Rosa, he puts on an innocent old man persona which they both find charming. However, when their backs are turned he tells Boyle his intentions of what to do with the money and admit that he is lying to Amy and Rosa.

Charles makes many attempts to get him to confess. but to no avail. After being questioned by Charles in Amy's presence, he dies. Thinking that he's faking it, Charles proceeds to throw water at his face.

Amy and Rosa later come to apologize to Charles after finding out that Marvin did rob the bank as the serial numbers on the dollar bill he gave Amy for a ginger ale match the ones stolen from the bank.