Martin Cozner
Occupation: Oral surgeon
Relatives Kevin Cozner (brother)

Ray Holt (brother-in-law)

Series Information
First Appearance: Unsolvable
No. of Episodes: 1
Portrayed by: Dan Donohue

Dr. Martin Cozner is Kevin Cozner's brother and Ray Holt's brother-in-law. He appears in Unsolvable when Amy Santiago feigns a dental emergency and Holt offers to take her to see him personally.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season OneEdit

In Unsolvable, after Amy feigns dental problems, Holt arranges for her to go to see Martin Cozner, Kevin's brothers, who has agreed to see her as personal favour to him. Despite her protests, Holt takes her to see Martin. Martin does a dental examination on her but tells her that he can't see anything. He is about to look at her x-rays when Amy admits that she lied. She is about to leave when Martin checks her x-rays. He tells her that she has been brushing over aggressively which has stripped the enamel on her teeth and she had seven cavities.


  • He is described by Holt as 'one of the top oral surgeons in the quint-state area.'

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