Luke Mueller is one of Kylie's male coworkers. During 48 Hours, he has a date scheduled with Amy that, thanks to Jake, is cancelled repeatedly.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season One Edit

In 48 Hours, Amy comes into the briefing room looking nice and she explains that she is going on a date. Amy refuses to tell Jake who her date but he manages to find his profile as Amy only has one friends, Kylie and he managed to figure out which co-worker it was by a process of elimination. According to his social media profile, Luke works on Professional Football Stadium Design. His music tastes include: Indie, Jazz, Classic Rock and R&B.

Amy and Luke have a date planned but is cancelled. but due to Jake's negligence with an arrest. Later, Jake tells her she can reschedule her date but he doesn't manage to find enough evidence and she is forced to cancel again. She tells Jake that Luke never called her back and she thinks that you can't be a cop and date. Later, Jake, feeling remorse, calls Luke and reschedules the couples date when Amy is sure she lost her chances with him. Their first date was intended to be dinner and a movie, which Amy described as the perfect first date.

Personality Edit

  • Amy describes Luke as being nice, and someone who uses proper punctuation in text messages. She is excited to go on a date with him.