Leo Mirren Carter is Genevieve Mirren-Carter's twin brother. He is introduced in Halloween, Part III where Charles sets him up with Gina, his stepsister.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season ThreeEdit

In Halloween, Part III, Charles asks Gina if he can set her up with somebody and she rejects him especially when she finds out his name is "Nadia". Charles secretly calls him up and he arrives and introduces himself to Gina. She is suspicious of Leo and believes that Charles has hired somebody to distract her from guarding the crown. She assumes he is a prostitute that Charles has hired to pose as Leo and sends him away. Later, Charles reveals that Leo was really who he said he was and tells Gina that she chased him away. Gina apologizes for early and says asks Charles to call Leo back which he does happily. Leo and Gina talk and Gina is confused as to how he knows Charles. Leo reveals that he was an artist for Genevieve's gallery which makes sense to Gina. He then also tells her that Genevieve is his twin sister before Genevieve and Charles arrive. Genevieve kisses Charles ("a kiss for my boo") and kisses Leo ("a kiss for her bro"). Charles then kisses Genevieve with his "kiss for my boo" and then leans over to Gina saying "a kiss for my sis" whilst she cries out no.


Leo is shown to be laidback and easy-going as he is willing to meet Gina even after her poor treatment of him (accusing him of being a prostitute). He is also superstitious as he thinks it was wise of Gina not to trust new relationships considering the position of the planets.


Genevieve Mirren-CarterEdit

Leo is Genevieve's twin brother. Not much is known about their relationship except that the two seem to get along well and Leo is a painter for Genevieve's art gallery. Leo also gets on reasonably well with Genevieve's boyfriend, Charles as trusts him enough to set him up with somebody.

Gina LinettiEdit

Gina and Leo are assumed to be dating. They got on well and both believed in astrology. Gina instantly found Leo attractive and Leo is able to forgive her for mistaking him for a prostitute. However there could be some problems in their relationship as Leo is Genevieve's twin sister and Gina is Charles's step sister which could cause their lives to become very intertwined (which horrifies Gina as she cries out no when she realises).


  • His tag-name, "Nadia" was given to him by Banksy.