Series Information
First Mentioned: M.E. Time
First Appearance: Chasing Amy
No. of Episodes: 1
Portrayed by: Sarah Baker

Kylie is Amy Santiago's only friend and the main source of her dates. She is unseen until Season Four's "Chasing Amy.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season OneEdit

In M.E. Time, she is mentioned at the beginning of the episode as Amy is out on a date with Gabe, an acquaintance of Kylie's.

In 48 Hours, Amy tells Jake that she has a date with a guy who works with her friend. Jake, knowing this friend has to be Kylie and looks on Kylie's facebook to find out who it is. Kylie only has seven male coworkers so Jake is able to figure out that Amy has a date with a man named Luke Mueller.

Season FourEdit

Kylie appears for the first time in "Chasing Amy" where Jake and Rosa visit her while searching for Amy who has gone AWOL.


Amy SantiagoEdit

Kylie is mentioned to be Amy's only friend. She also appears to be Amy's main source of dates as most of Amy's dates appear to be acquaintances of Kylie. In turn, Amy is also her best friend. Kylie states that she doesn’t like Jake as a boyfriend for Amy.

Trivia Edit

  • According to her social media page, shown in M.E. Time, Kylie attended New York University.
  • Kylie has seven male coworkers.
  • Is trivia teammates with Amy and sometimes Jake at Shaw's Bar.
  • Kylie and Amy’s Fiancé, Jake, seem to not be very big fans of each other, apparently often bumping heads.

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