Relationships Norm Scully (Ex-Husband or Owner)
Series Information
First Mentioned: The Ebony Falcon

Kelly is either Detective Scully's dog or wife.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season OneEdit

In The Ebony Falcon, Jake mentions that he doesn't know whether Kelly is Scully's wife or dog. The others admit that they don't either and decide to ask Scully questions to find out. They ask him a series of questions but he responds ambiguously and nobody can tell whether he is talking about his wife or dog. Finally Jake asks him outright whether Kelly is his dog or wife. Scully is offended and leaves but the rest of the precinct still doesn't know which one she is.


Norm ScullyEdit

Scully is either her husband or owner. If she is his wife, their relationship is shown to be poor as Scully says that his wife called him a 'zero in the sack.'


  • Kelly's favourite food is peanut butter and she likes to eat it out of the jar.
  • Kelly gets 'antsy' if she doesn't get out enough.

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