This article is for the character. For the episode, see Karen Peralta (episode)

Karen Peralta
Occupation: Public school art teacher
Relatives Jake Peralta (Son)
Relationships Roger Peralta (Ex-husband current boyfriend)
Series Information
First Mentioned: Sal's Pizza
First Appearance: Karen Peralta
No. of Episodes: 2
Portrayed by: Katey Sagal

Karen Peralta is Jake Peralta's mother whom he is very fond of.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season ThreeEdit

In Karen Peralta, Jake and Amy visit Karen. Amy is nervous and Jake assures that she will be fine. All is going well at dinner until Roger, Jake's estranged father turns up. Karen explains that they have started seeing each other again and Jake is annoyed and plans to break them up. Jake blackmails Roger by saying that he will tell Karen that he slept with her best friend if he doesn't leave. After Roger goes, Karen admits to Jake that she knew about Roger and her best friend but kept it from Jake to protect him. Jake also asks Karen what she thought of Amy and Karen says that she seemed really nice (which Amy sees due to her lip reading skill).


Karen is shown to be very and kind to Jake as she raised him as a single mother. She is also hardworking as she worked to help fund her family which meant that Jake often was alone at home or went to his Nana's house. She was also protective of Jake as she kept information from him about issues such as her father to protect him in childhood.


Jake PeraltaEdit

Jake is Karen's son and they are shown to be very fond of one another. Karen raised Jake alone after Roger left which meant that the two are very protective of one another and cared for each other. Jake and Karen both protected each other from different issues to avoid the other one getting hurt.

Roger PeraltaEdit

Roger and Karen broke up because he left them and also due to the numerous times he cheated including with her best friend. Despite this Karen is willing to look past it and the two start dating again later in life. Karen tells Jake that Roger really cares about her now such as when he brought her soup when she was sick.

Trivia Edit

  • She's fallen for 2 Nigerian scams.
  • Her favorite drink is red wine over ice, just like Diane Keaton.
  • Her favorite topics of conversation include: Jimmy Carter was underrated, how beautiful some front doors are, What's Jane Seymour up to and how cool it is that the ladies across the street are lesbians.

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