Jenny Gildenhorn is Jake Peralta's childhood crush. They attended Jake's Bar Mitzvah together, but Jenny ditched him before their slow dance for Eddie Fung. She later played field hockey in high school.  

Jenny appears in flashbacks during Charges and Specs and Boyle-Linetti Wedding and in present-time during Boyle-Linetti Wedding, since her mother is friends with Gina's mom.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season OneEdit

In The Bet, Jake remarks that Amy's dresses reminds him off his old crush, Jenny Gildenhorn.

In Charges and Specs, Jenny is seen in a flashback breaking up with Jake for Eddie Fung at Jake's bar mitzvah.
Jenny Gildenhorn

Jenny breaks up with Jake.

Season TwoEdit

In Boyle-Linetti Wedding, Jake mentions that Darlene is a friend of Jenny's mum so Jenny is attending the wedding. Jake rents a suit with three buttons to impress her and plans to get the slow dance he was robbed of (he was forced to watch Jenny and Eddie dance to "All out of Love" at his bar mitzvah). Jake fantasises about her and wonders if she will be wearing her high school field hockey uniform and wonders if he should purposely forget her name. Later, he goes up to Jenny and Jenny admits that she doesn't know anybody and wonders if they want to sit together. Jake agrees but has to leave as he can't find the ring. When he returns after finding it, Jenny has found another man and is making out with him. Jenny is seen her with her new man at the wedding and they later slow dance to "All Out of Love" to Jake's horror.


At age 13, Jenny was shown to be quite thoughtless and fickle with her affections as she breaks up with Jake at his bar mitzvah and gets together with her new boyfriend right in front of him. Later, she is shown to be a bit more mature although Amy remarks that she doesn't seem so great as they just saw her making out with a guy she barely knew.


Jake PeraltaEdit

Jake and Jenny briefly dated when they were 13 although she broke up with him at his bar mitzvah. Jake has been in love with her since then and he is still bitter about the slow dance he was denied by her, hoping to get it at Darlene and Lynn's wedding. Jake is annoyed that Jenny ends up dancing with another man at the wedding. She seems to be unaware of Jake's infatuation with her.

Trivia Edit

  • During The Bet, Jake remarks that the dress he got for Amy reminds him of Jenny Gildenhorn. In later episodes, when Jenny appears in flashbacks, she is wearing the same dress.
  • Any time that Jenny is shown on screen, she is wearing a blue dress of the same shade.
  • Jenny is possibly bisexual as she secretly dated a woman, Tanya Astor without her mother knowing.