Occupation: Works at stationy store
Series Information
First Appearance: Fancy Brudgom
No. of Episodes: 1
Portrayed by: Beth Dover

Janice works at the stationary store where Charles and Jake go to pick out wedding invitations.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season OneEdit

In Fancy Brudgom, Janice is an employee at a stationary store where Jake and Charles go to pick out invitations for the Charles' wedding to Vivian Ludley. She compliments Charles' handwriting and even goes as far to say that he could be a professional calligrapher. Charles then leaves and she asks Jake who is going to pay for the invitations which cost $250. Jake tells her that the person who will pay is Amy Santiago.

Trivia Edit

  • Janice is portrayed by Beth Dover, who is the wife of Joe Lo Truglio.

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