A reoccurring joke on the show since Season Four is Jake being corrected on the pronounciation of Nikolaj's name

Season Four Edit

The Night Shift Edit

  • Jake assures Charles that they would be able to go home before Nikolaj wakes up. Charles then corrects him and they start saying it back and forth until Jake changes the direction of the conversation. (10:22)
  • Jake bids Nikolaj a good-bye, Nikolaj corrects his pronounciation. (13:39)
  • Lohank and Jake talk about Jake's dilemma with Charles' situation. Jake admits he hasn't spent that much time with Nikolaj yet. Lohank corrects him. (19:20)

Mr. Santiago Edit

  • After Charles tells Jake to just be himself when he meets Amy's dad, he reacts by saying he hopes he isn't teaching that to Nikolaj. Charles corrects him. (03:48)