Jake Peralta and Sophia Perez are former love interests that were in careers hated by the other. After having slept together, Jake discovers that Sophia is a defence attorney. However the two begin a relationship although eventually break up in Windbreaker City.

Overview Edit

Season 2Edit

Jake and SophiaEdit

  • Jake meets Sophia and neither reveal their careers to each other.
  • Jake and Sophia have a good date, where they have a lot in common, and then sleep with each other.
  • Jake and Sophia meet again at a trial and are surprised to see each other.
  • Jake attempts to get Sophia removed from the case but it doesn't work.
  • Jake attempts to unnerve Sophia with air kisses but fails.
  • Sophia wins the case and Jake angrily says that he will never see her again.
  • Terry tells Jake to call Sophia.
  • Jake goes to Sophia's office and asks her out.
Jake and Sophia desk

Sophia reveals that Jake pushed all the stuff of off the wrong desk.

The Road TripEdit

  • Jake invites Sophia to join him for the weekend when collecting a perp.
  • Sophia books them the room of 1000 dolls which Jake is happy about.
  • Jake asks Sophia to help Amy with Teddy.
Jake and sophia

Jake and Sophia in The Road Trip

  • Sophia is surprised when she finds out Jake used to like Amy and leaves.
  • Jake apologises to Sophia and the two make up.

Defense RestsEdit

  • Sophia asks Jake to take a break as their relationship is affecting her job.
  • Jake accidentally says that he loves Sophia to Terry.
  • Jake goes to a party to charm Sophia's boss.
  • Jake arrests Sophia's boss for cocaine which angers Sophia.
Sophia and Jake 2

Jake and Sophia.

  • Jake attempts to win Sophia back as he says that he has accidentally said he loves her and is willing to make it work.
  • Sophia doesn't accidentally love Jake back and they break up.

Windbreaker CityEdit

  • Jake is upset over Sophia so Terry and Charles help distract him.