Jack Danger is an obnoxious and arrogant agent of the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS).

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season TwoEdit

In USPIS, Jake and Charles are instructed by Rosa to work with USPIS after a mailbox key is found on a perp. Jake and Charles are initially excited due to the agent's cool name, "Jack Danger". However upon meeting him, he reveals it is pronounced "Donger" and is very conceited, promoting USPIS and openly insulting the NYPD, causing Jake and Charles to find him (putting it mildly) very difficult to work with. The trio find the key's source and nearly manage to catch a dealer delivering drugs though the mailbox. However, Jack gets trips over his extendable key chain and deliberately prevents Jake from catching the perp. When confronted by Rosa Diaz about this incident, Danger declared that the reason for its failure is because Jake failed to follow proper procedure, completely overlooking that he had ruined the whole operation.

Jake is annoyed with Jack who insists they stake out the mail boxes more although Jake insists that the perps won't use the same system now they've been caught. Jake wants Jack to check on former USPIS workers that could have access to the mailbox but Jack refuses, still insisting on a stakeout. Jake prints out a list of employees and manage to track down a dealer a dealer. Rosa however is angry as Jack complained and USPIS are taking over the case, so her task force will get no credit. Jake goes to Jack and asks him to tell him about the history of USPIS as means of an apology. They get as far as the 1810s before Jack gets bored and accepts their apology and they manage to catch the dealer.


Jack Danger - despite his incredibly awesome name that turns out to be a joke and danger isn't even a word in Dutch - is categorised by weakness. He is shown to be incredibly egomaniacal, narcissistic, arrogant, obnoxious, pompous and conceited. He self-absorbedly treats people with condescension and pomposity, seeing the USPIS above everybody, including the NYPD, even though they are just a postal service and the NYPD are extremely valuable and skilled officers and protectors. He accuses Jake of not respecting USPIS, a hypocritical accusation since he clearly, openly and unapologetically does not respect the NYPD.

Danger is extremely incompetent when it comes to field work, but he incessantly blames others for his own incompetence when it comes to putting things down on paper. As a result, he never blames himself for anything, using his higher status as a way of protecting himself from blame. He is completely assured that he alone is right in a situation, making him painfully difficult to work with: his insistence on surveying mailboxes (an area he has authority over) as opposed to properly investigating the perps (which would be Jake and Charles' area of expertise) shows Jack to be a controlling person, to an extent that he outright dismisses the latters' theories as 'a wild goose chase'.


Jake PeraltaEdit

Jack and Jake Peralta have a strained relationship due to Jack's pompous and conceited attitude. Jack incites the animosity between them by outright insulting Jake's job, competency and even blaming Jake for their failure in catching a perp, an incident for which Jack is completely responsible. Jake is also annoyed at Jack's stubbornness such as refusing to let him see the list of employees, and his insistence that his status as a federal agent supersedes Jake's knowledge of cartels (knowledge he gained from personal experience). Jake continually mocks Jack and USPIS such as claiming their motto is "Surprisingly, we exist" which annoys Jack.


  • Contrary to its spelling, Jack's last name is pronounced "Dong-er." He claims it's derived from a Dutch word meaning "prudence in financial matters", however this is not actually the case.
  • Jack Danger is possibly the most dangerous person who is obnoxious and condescending to the NYPD - even with characters like Wuntch, Agent Kendrick, Boone or even Detective Pembroke in the series - since his condescension, egomania and overall spiteful attitude towards the NYPD actually causes more problems because he deliberately obstructs NYPD advances in cases and then blames anyone but himself for the incidents.
  • He asked Rosa to call him "Jackie".