Isaac is an informant discovered by Amy when she and Jake are looking to find evidence against Lucas Wint. His information helps convince Holt to join them in their investigation. Isaac appears in Charges and Specs and The 9-8.

Biography Edit

Jake asks Holt to meet him in an alley in Bensonhurst at 9:00 in the morning. There, Jake reveals that Amy, against Holt's wishes, discovered an informant with incriminating information on Lucas Wint.

The informant is Isaac, a drug pusher for the Bay Ridge Boys. He informs Holt that every Friday he puts cash into a duffel bag and brings it to the Wint Community Center. There, he marks the transaction down as a charitable donation in their account books. This proves that Lucas Wint is laundering money.

Isaac makes a cameo in The 9-8 where he greets Boyle in the bar.

Trivia Edit

  • Isaac is portrayed by Joe Mande who previously worked with Michael Schur and Dan Goor as a writer and actor on Parks and Recreation.