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Holt-Amy Relationship
Relationship: Captain/Detective


First Meet: Pilot
Key Episodes
Season One: M.E. Time


Season Two: Chocolate Milk


From the moment Ray Holt is appointed captain of The 99th Precinct, Amy Santiago tries desperately to impress him. She is hoping that he will be the mentor she needs to help her achieve her goal of becoming captain. Unfortunately, more often than not, Amy embarrasses herself in Holt's presence.

Overview Edit

Season OneEdit


Charges and Specs

  • Amy can't believe that Jake doesn't trust Holt enough to inform him about his investigation of Lucas Wint. She then tells Jake that she appointed Holt executor of her will.
  • Amy stands up to Holt and, against his orders, helps Jake convince Holt that Wint is guilty.

Season TwoEdit

Running Gag Edit

Amy embarrassed in front of Holt Edit

Read full article on Amy embarrassed in front of Holt

running gag throughout the series is Amy constantly creating awkward situations between her and Captain Holt. She tries harder than anyone to impress him, however, it usually backfires, leaving her feeling embarrassed.

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