Gary Shaw
Occupation: Recruiter for Copperhead Security
Series Information
First Appearance: Det. Dave Majors
No. of Episodes: 1
Portrayed by: Craig Stepp
Gary Shaw is a recruiter from Copperhead Security.He stops by the Nine-Nine after Terry reaches out to him about a possible position with Copperhead. Gary Shaw appears in Det. Dave Majors.

Biography Edit

When Gary shows up at The 99th Precinct, Captain Holt assumes it's because he is trying to tempt him away from the NYPD. However, Gary reveals that the reason he is there is because Terry reached out to him

Terry joins Gary for lunch where Gary presents the Sergeant with free swag as well as an offer for a job with better hours, great benefits and a pay raise. Terry is tempted by the offer, thinking of the the child he has on the way.

After Holt reminds Terry of what he loves about the NYPD, Terry decides to stay with the Nine-Nine and returns most of his swag to Gary.

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