Ethel Musterberg
Nickname(s): Helen
Relationships Solomon (Husband)
Series Information
First Appearance: The Slump
No. of Episodes: 1
Portrayed by: Helen Slayton-Hughes
Ethel Musterberg (mistaken to be Helen Sterrino) is a senile woman from the Prospect Heights Senior Center. Ethel appears in The Slump.

Biography Edit

When Jake finds Ethel, he brings her in to the precinct, suspecting that she is the missing grandmother of Judd Sterrino. Judd claims that his grandmother went out for bagels and never came back. Jake shows Ethel a photograph of Judd and she claims that the man in the photo is her grandson.

Later, Jake brings the Sterrinos in to the precinct to reunite them with "Helen." However, Judd claims to have never seen this women in his life. Ethel then mistakes Charles for her husband.

Charles discovers her ID in her back pocket, revealing her true identity.

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