Jake's favorite film Die Hard is mentioned several times throughout the series. Jake absolutly loves the movie franchise and dreams of being in a similar situation, and his dreams come true in the episode Yippie Kayak

Season One Edit

The Slump Edit

  • Jake states that Hitchcock being kicked is the best cop movie of all time. (00:10)

Old School Edit

  • After blowing up Jimmy Brogan's book, Jake shouts "Welcome to the party, pal," and then he and Amy acknowledge that it's a quote from Die Hard. (21:22)

Pontiac Bandit Edit

  • Jake says, "Come on, Rosa. Can't you read between the lines, man?" Rosa replies, "Don't quote Die Hard."

The Party Edit

  • When talking to Kevin, Jake jokes that he is interested in the classics: [Led] Zeppelin, [Jimi] Hendrix and Die Hard

Full Boyle Edit

  • To help Charles not go "Full Boyle" on Vivian during their dinner, Jake goes with him and also meets Vivian's friend Bernice, who is also a big Die Hard fan. (11:38)
  • After Jake says that it's understandable Bernice likes Die Hard because everyone does, she says that she sleeps in a Nakatomi Plaze Security T-shirt (11:43)

Season Two Edit

Jake and Sophia Edit

  • When Jake discovers that Sophia is a defense attorney, he compares their relationships to John McClane sleeping with Hans Gruber. These are the main protagonist and antagonist from the first Die Hard film. He then states that it's even worse than that and compares Sophia to the villain from the third Die Hard film. (07:00)
  • Later when he confronts Sophia, she says that she can't believe she slept with a cop, that it's as if she had sex with Hans Gruber. Jake argues that she's "the Gruber." (08:11)

Stakeout Edit

  • During Jake's and Charles' stakeout, Charles mentions that he can't mention Die Hard. Jake reminds Charles that there's a Die Hard 4.

Payback Edit

Windbreaker City Edit

  • When Homeland agent Kendrick asks Jake, "Is this some sort of game to you?", Jake replies, "Does this sound like a game? I am a terrorist leader. My name is Francis Gruber. My brother, Hans, died at Nakatomi Tower at the hands of John McClane. Also, I'm related to Jeremy Irons from the third one." (13:14)
  • Kendrick calls Jake "McClane" after they negotiate the terms of their fight
  • Kendrick shoots Jake with a gun he duct tapes to his back like John McClane does in "Die Hard"

The Chopper Edit

Season Three Edit

Yippie Kayak Edit

  • Jake, Charles and Gina do some last minute Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve at what seems to be some sort of dollar store, when five robbers come in and lock all the doors, blind the security cameras and take everyone else in the store as hostages, while the three manage to sneak around. The episode continues, with Jake fanboying over the fact that his favourite movie is coming to life. The entire episode is pretty much a huge Die Hard reference. With Terry and the rest of the NYPD who are outside the building, talking to Jake from inside.

Season FourEdit

Skyfire Cycle Edit

  • When Jake mentions that he can't understand fans who have been sleeping on the street to hear DC Parlov read his new book, Terry notes that Jake took a train to Toronto just to buy the Canadian VHS copy of Die Hard. Apparently, there was a rumor it has better sound quality.

Chasing Amy Edit

  • When Jake and Amy are stuck on the roof right before her Sergeant's Exam - Jake decides to Die Hard off the roof (before realizing there are bars.) He says he is doing it for Amy, but also himself as he has always wanted to do it.

Season FiveEdit

The VenueEdit

  • Amy ordered a wedding cake shaped and designed like the Nakatomi Plaza, to Jake's extreme pleasure.


  • After attending Captain McGintely's funeral in Los Angeles, Jake notices the building used as the Nakatomi Plaza (Fox Plaza). He convinces Captain Holt to take a detour to the building and poses for multiple photos at areas used in the film.