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Charles-Gina Relationship
Charles and Gina
Relationship: Colleagues

Friends with Benefits (Formerly)
Step siblings

First Meet: Prior to the Series
Key Episodes
Season One: Charges and Specs
Season Two: Undercover

The Jimmy Jab Games
The Mole
Jake and Sophia
The Pontiac Bandit Returns
Boyle-Linetti Wedding

Season Three: Halloween, Part III

The Mattress

Charles Boyle and Gina Linetti are colleagues, formerly in a friends with benefits relationship and after a strange turn of events, they become step siblings. The two have a complicated relationship as although Gina seems to find Charles unattractive she is willing to help him in times of need and the two previously has a casual relationship.

Overview Edit

Season 1 Edit


  • Gina tells Charles that he isn't Rosa's type.

The Tagger

  • Gina's friend, Carlene (a psychic) tells Charles that Rosa will never love him back.
  • Gina reminds Charles of Carlene's words when he nearly asks Rosa out.
  • After Rosa tells Charles to make his own destiny and punches him, Gina tells him that the punch indicates that she doesn't like him.

48 Hours

  • Gina is annoyed that Charles lied and said Rosa's pie was better just because he liked her when they both know it's not true.
  • Gina agrees not to tell Rosa but tells Charles that most girls don't like being lied to.

Full Boyle

  • Gina comments on Charles' jeans and he tells her "Eyes up here, Linetti." much to her surprise.
  • Gina is disgusted when she's briefly attracted to Charles.
    Charles Gina

    Charles and Gina in shock.


  • Gina is put in charge of Charles to make sure he doesn't get into trouble or get hurt.

Charges and Specs

  • Gina suggests that Charles gets over his ex by hooking up with somebody.
    Charles Gina shock

    Charles and Gina are horrified that they hooked up.

  • Charles and Gina end up hooking up.

Season 2 Edit


  • Gina is worried that Charles will tell Jake about their hook up.
  • Charles doesn't tell him and Gina and Charles toast to their "nightmare" being over.
  • Charles and Gina hook up again.

Chocolate Milk

  • Charles asks Gina to go as his date to his ex-wife's engagement party. She refuses so he asks her to go as "bone bros" and she slaps him.

The Jimmy Jab Games

  • Charles accidentally leaves a tape in the camera that reveals that him and Gina slept together.
  • Charles gets the tape back and Gina tells him to meet her at her place to hook up again.

The Mole

  • Jake and Amy catch Gina and Charles making out.
  • Gina and Charles end their casual relationship.
  • Charles convinces Jake not to tell and Gina tries to convince Amy. Amy tells her that it's not that big of a deal.
  • Gina tells the precinct about it and invites people to ask questions.
  • Gina said she doesn't regret it as it was pretty fun.
    Charles Gina explain

    Charles and Gina beg Amy and Jake not to tell.

Jake and Sophia

  • Gina and Charles fight over who gets their prepaid "Luxury Sex Romp" spa experience.
  • In the end, neither get it and they both give their keys to their parents, Darlene Linetti and Lynn Boyle who end up hooking up.

The Pontiac Bandit Returns

  • Charles and Gina are horrified that their parents are starting a relationship.
  • They open Lynn's gift for Darlene and realise that Darlene will hate it. They decide to host a gift exchange dinner to ensure they break up.
  • Lynn and Darlene reveal they love the gifts and they are moving in together. Gina and Charles are horrified.
  • Gina tells Charles that she now has a purpose in life, to break up their parents.

Defense Rests

  • Gina won't give Lynn her permission to propose to Darlene which annoyed Charles.
  • Gina gives her blessing but says that if Lynn hurts her mum, then she will cut off Charles's testicles.

Boyle-Linetti Wedding

  • Gina and Charles help to get the wedding perfect for their parents.
  • Gina convinces Lynn to stay at the wedding after Charles fails.
    Gina Darlene kisses

    Charles grabs a few of his step-sister and step-mum's kisses.

  • Gina threatens to cut off Charles' testicles and Lynn agrees to Charles' horror.
  • Charles says that he can't believe this all started with them knocking boots.

Season 3 Edit

Halloween, Part III

  • Charles wants to set Gina up with his friend, Leo Mirren-Carter but Gina refuses.
  • Gina eventually changes her mind and asks Charles for Leo's number.
  • Gina is horrified to see that Leo is Charles' girlfriend, Genevieve's twin sister and screams "Nooo!" as Charles kisses her cheek.

The Mattress

  • Gina tells Charles that he is right in being cross at Holt for parking his car in Charles' space.
  • Gina helps Charles by making Holt learn his lesson.
    Charles Gina caught

    Charles and Gina are caught...

Terry Kitties

  • Gina tells Charles that he has to stand up to Adrian if he wants Adrian to move out of his house.
  • Gina stands up to Adrian for Charles and gets him to move out.
  • Charles reveals that he manipulated Gina into helping him.

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