Captain McGintley
Occupation: Former Captain of The 99th Precinct
Series Information
First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: The Tagger
No. of Episodes: 2
Portrayed by: Mike Hagerty
Captain McGintley was the commanding officer at The 99th Precinct prior to Ray Holt. He only appears in flashbacks featured in Pilot and The Tagger. He was replaced, evidently, by Captain Ray Holt. The reason why he left the nine-nine is unknown.

Personality Edit

As captain, he had a lax attitude that was appreciated by Jake. While Jake liked Captain McGintley because it meant he could do what he want, Amy took an opposing view, stating that he was a terrible captain.

Jake said 'McGinley would literally let you do anything you wanted if you gave him a hamburger' '... He was always an hour late... and hung over'.

He was willing to let the Nine-Nine do whatever they wanted and was often oblivious to what they were doing. In the pilot it's shown that the nine nine were doing a 'fire extinguisher roller chair derby'. After asking 'what the hell is going on in here', McGintley calmly says 'okay' and returns to his office.

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