Boyle Bingo is a game played by the squad in Thanksgiving. Everyone fills out each square with a Charles-related scenario and the first to bingo wins $100. The Thanksgiving edition was eventually won by Jake at the end of the episode.

Rosa Edit

  • Boyle objects to Boyle Bingo
  • Boyle says "Boom!"
  • Boyle believes obvious lie

Jake Edit

  • Boyle calls Thanksgiving "Turkey Day"
  • Boyle tells us he played Pocahontas in his third grade play
  • Boyle says "Boom!"
  • Boyle cries (winning square)

Terry Edit

  • Boyle explains that they ate lobsters at the first Thanksgiving
  • Boyle says "Come on, guys"
  • Boyle says "Boom!"

Amy Edit

  • Boyle says "Boom!"

Gina Edit

  • Boyle says "Gobble, gobble, gobble"
  • Boyle says "Boom!"

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