Alexei Bisko
Occupation: Captain of the Ukrainian Mafia
Relatives Unnamed brother
Relationships Unnamed wife (presumed ex)
Series Information
First Appearance: Stakeout
No. of Episodes: 1
Portrayed by: Dimiter D. Marinov

Alexei Bisko is a captain of the Ukranian Mafia. He and his soldiers used a drop house to drop off money and pick up weapons.

He is portrayed by Dimiter D. Marinov.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season TwoEdit

In Stakeout, Jake and Charles agree to go on an eight day stakeout to track Alexei who is head of the Ukranian Mafia. They pretend to be exterminators and watch him from a hotel window. However, their cover is blown when they fight and a basketball smashes through the window and lands on the street alerting Alexei. Later Charles and Jake make up and arrest Alexei saying that they are brothers. Alexei tells them about his own brother but Jake and Charles tell him to shut up.

Trivia Edit

  • His brother had sex with his wife and then ran off to the Florida Keys. It is assumed that they are divorced.

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